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Material information

Here is an explanation of the used materials of Birkenstock shoes and slippers:

  • SMOOTH LEATHER: Our smooth leather feels very fine and even and has a slightly shiny surface. Thanks to its high elasticity, tensile strength and resistance to abrasion, it is durable against external influences, thus guaranteeing a long life. Moreover, it is maintenance-friendly and breathable.
  •  BIRKO-FLOR: Birko-Flor is a skin-friendly, tear resistant, easy-care material. The upper layer of this material has a leather-like structure, - the lower layer is processed with soft felt.
  •  BIRKO-FELT: Birko-felt is made of a wool pulp mixture and synthetic fiber felt. As a result, the tissue together can practically not tear and it is still air-permeable and skin-friendly.
  •  BIRKO-FLOR NUBUCK: Gives the material of the surface layer a special finishing process which does not only look like leather, but it also feels like it.
  •  PATENT LEATHER: Maintaining all postitieve characteristics of the natural leather, patent leather is in the upper layer with a fine coat of paint.
  • NUBUCK LEATHER: The natural surface of the leather is buffed. This gives the leather a velvety appearance.
  •  GRAINED LEATHER: Birkenstock leather gets a particularly expressive strength due to the special bark optics.
  • SYNTHETIC: Synthetic is a term for all artificially developed materials, which are characterized by durability and diversity.
  • ALPRO FOAM: Alpro-foam is mainly used for the production of bath and leisure clogs / sandals. The raw material consists of a granular material which comes into the desired shape by heat. This makes Alpro-Foam particularly soft and elastic. The foot continues with each movement well into the footbed. Alpro-Foam is also available in the form of shock resistance and anti-slip. This depends on the model. Alpro-Foam is its high damping, used in sandals where soft footbeds are used.
  • ALPRO-CELL: Alpro-Cell is lightweight, flexible and multifunctional. Alpro-Cell is mainly used for bath and leisure clogs / sandals. The low weight Alpro-Cell is hardly noticeable that you have shoes on your feet. Alpro-Cell products are ideal for the holiday day, the pool and / or beach.
  • PU: The PU is mainly used as a bath and leisure clogs / sandals. PU is very soft and elastic. The foot continues with every move firmly in the footbed. For example, PU is also available in the form of shock resistance and anti-slip. This depends on the model.
  • EVA: EVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility. The material has good clarity and gloss, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties, and resistance to UV radiation.The light weight EVA is ideal for lightweight slippers and sandals.
  • MICROFIBER: The high-quality microfibre we use for our Birkenstock shoes has a delicate, nubuck leather-like appearance. This material is very light, very breathable, durable and comfortable on the skin.
  • ELASTIC : The elastic Birkenstock tires are made of textile-like elastic material. The elastic is high quality which makes that it has a strong strech which does not loose it stretch quickly. It has a soft and comfortable feeling.