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Not only in summer but also in winter you can wear your favorite in Birkenstocks. Birkenstock loafers and mules are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to wear comfortable and nice loafers in the colder seasons. Birkenstock loafers are lovely slipin shoes where you can easily get in. The hard sole is made of EVA material, so they can be worn outside as well if needed. Of course, these loafers are made with the ergonomic Birkenstock footbed. The upper material is made of different materials, where you can choose the ones you prefer. Weather it is leater, felt or suede, you will always find the perfect pair of loafers and mules. Have a look at the whole womens collection of the perfect basic collection for men

Birkenstock mules and loafers colors

Every autumn Birkenstock presents new colors, and this year there are beautiful colors added like the navy blue loafers, a cheerful color purple and neutral brown. This beautful Birkenstock loader provide warm feet during the winter and support you as you are used to from Birkenstock! Have a look at the whole collection of Birkenstock mules and loafers and choose the ones you would love to wear this autumn and winter. 

Birkenstock Amsterdam navy in 2 widths
Birkenstock Amsterdam navy in 2 widths

Amsterdam navy in 2 widths

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